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10 Tips to Boost WordPress Website Speed: A Complete Beginner Guide

In this article, we will give you ten very important ideas to make your boost WordPress website speed.

We know a lot about building websites and making them show up in search engines.

so, we select these ideas to help you beat your competition and make your visitors happy.

1. Optimize Images for Web

Large image files can really make your website slow down. To fix this, make sure all the pictures on your WordPress site are made smaller for the web.

Use a program or tool to squeeze the pictures without making them worse.

Also, think about using special image tricks to show the right size pictures for different devices.

You can try using tools such as tinypng or Compressor a to make images smaller without losing their quality.

boost WordPress website speed

You can make pictures better by choosing the right file formats. SVG files are good for logos and drawings, and they are smaller than JPGs or PNGs.

But if you have photos, PNGs are usually better because they can be made smaller without losing much quality.


ShortPixel is an image compressor wordpress plugin. It helps reduce the file size of images on a website.

By using this plugin, you can optimize and compress images to make them smaller without losing much quality. This can improve website loading speed and overall performance.

The shortpixel plugin can be used significantly boost WordPress website speed.

2. Use a Caching Plugin

Using a caching plugin is a good way to make your website work better.

Caching lets your site save simple copies of its pages, which makes the server faster and shows content quicker to users.

You can set up and use popular caching plugins like LiteSpeed Cache or WP Super Cache to boost WordPress website speed faster.

Many companies, such as Bluehost and Hostinger, provide caching solutions for WordPress hosting.


If you use Hostinger, your WordPress site will have LiteSpeed Cache already installed. This tool has all the great features of a premium WordPress caching tool like LiteSpeed Cache.

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) helps speed up websites. It has a cache that stores information and optimization features.

Boost WordPress Website Speed

LSCWP works with WordPress Multisite and many popular plugins. It also works with ClassicPress.

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin can be used significantly boost WordPress website speed.

3. Minify CSS and JavaScript Files

You can make your CSS and JavaScript files smaller by minifying them.

Minifying means removing extra things like spaces and comments from the code, which makes the files smaller.

This can help your website load faster. Some plugins, like Autoptimize, can minify your files easily.

Autoptimize WordPress Plugin

Autoptimize makes it very easy to optimize your site.

It can combine, shrink, and store scripts and styles. It adds CSS to the top of the page, but it can also put important CSS inside the page and delay the full CSS.

It moves and delays scripts to the bottom and shrinks HTML.

You can improve your site’s speed, even if you’re using HTTP/2! Autoptimize has a lot of options to customize it for your site.

The Autoptimize WordPress plugin can be used significantly boost WordPress website speed.

To install PageSpeed Ninja on WordPress, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your WordPress website and navigate to the “Plugins > Add New” section.
  2. Search for PageSpeed Ninja and click on the “Install” button.
  3. After installation, activate the plugin by going to the “Plugins” menu.
  4. Then, navigate to “Settings > Autoptimize” and choose the options you want, such as optimizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

4. Enable GZIP Compression

GZIP compression makes website files smaller, so they move faster on the internet.

When you use GZIP compression for WordPress, less data goes between the server and the browser.

Many hosting providers have GZIP compression built in, or you can add it with a plugin like GZip Ninja Speed Compression.

PageSpeed Ninja:

PageSpeed Ninja makes WordPress faster. It helps your site load quicker on computers and phones. You can fix Google PageSpeed problems easily.

  • Make file compression using Gzip easier.
  • Fix the problem of CSS and JavaScript blocking the rendering.
  • Improve the way critical CSS is generated and displayed above the fold.
  • Minimize the size of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files.
  • Combine and include JavaScript and CSS together.
  • Delay the loading of JavaScript and CSS.
  • Organize styles and scripts in the right order.
  • Optimize images by making them smaller. Delay image loading with low-quality temporary images if needed. Use browser and server-side caching effectively.
  • Optimize images for various mobile browsers using the included AMDD database, which has extensive mobile device information.
  • The PageSpeed Ninja plugin can be used significantly boost WordPress website speed.
boost WordPress website speed

Installations Process

  1. To add the plugin to your WordPress site, you can either upload the plugin files to the “/wp-content/plugins/psn-pagespeed-ninja” folder or install it directly from the WordPress plugins screen.
  2. It’s a good idea to back up your site before installing any new plugins.
  3. To activate the plugin, go to the “Plugins” screen in your WordPress dashboard and click on “Activate”.
  4. To configure the plugin, go to the “Settings” menu and select “PageSpeed Ninja”.
  5. From there, you can adjust the settings according to the recommendations given by Google’s PageSpeed Insights. By default, all optimizations are turned off.
  6. The plugin will optimize images, JavaScript, and CSS files, and make necessary changes to the .htaccess file to fix the issues identified by Google PageSpeed Insights.

5. Optimize Your Database

You can make your website faster by improving your WordPress database.

Remove unwanted stuff like old post versions, spam comments, and deleted items regularly.

boost WordPress website speed

Use special tools like WP-Optimize or WP-Sweep to simplify this task and make sure your database works its best.

The WP-Optimize plugin can be used significantly boost WordPress website speed.

6. Choose a Lightweight Theme

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress site is important. Pick a theme that is fast and well-made.

Avoid themes with too many things or extra code, as they can make your site slower.

You can try lightweight themes like Astra, GeneratePress, or Schema Lite, which are known to work well.


Astra is a lightweight and highly optimized WordPress theme that can significantly boost wordpress website speed.

It is built with performance in mind, offering clean code and minimal styling.
Astra allows you to customize your website without flexible speed by providing various pre-designed templates and a user-friendly interface.
It’s effective coding and lightweight design contribute to faster loading times, resulting in a better user experience and improved search engine rankings.


GeneratePress is another WordPress theme famous for its speed optimization capabilities.
Its lightweight codebase and minimalistic design, GeneratePress prioritizes performance without losing functionality.

boost wordpress website speed

It offers a modular approach, allowing you to enable only the required features, which helps reduce the overall file size and improve loading times.
Additionally, GeneratePress is compatible with popular page builders and caching plugins, making it easier to further optimize your boost wordpress website speed.

Both Astra and GeneratePress follow best practices for speed optimization, such as utilizing CSS and JavaScript minification, lazy loading of images, and responsive design.

These themes also prioritize clean code and adhere to WordPress coding standards, resulting in efficient and fast-loading websites.

7. Reduce External HTTP Requests

When you open a web page, it can ask for many things like scripts, stylesheets, and fonts from other places.

To make your webpage load faster, use less of these things from other places and put more things together in one place.

This will make your webpage load quicker and work better.

8. Implement Lazy Loading for Images

Lazy loading is a way to delay showing pictures that can’t be seen until someone scrolls down the page.

By doing lazy loading, you can make your web pages load faster at first, because only the pictures that can be seen are loaded in the beginning.

You can add this feature to your website easily with plugins like Lazy Load by WP Rocket or a3 Lazy Load in WordPress.

9. Optimize Your Website’s Code

It’s important to improve your website’s speed by optimizing its code.

To do this, avoid using inline CSS and JavaScript within the webpage itself.

Instead, put them in separate files. Also, compress and combine your CSS and JavaScript files to decrease the number of requests the browser makes.

Lastly, make sure your code follows the best methods and doesn’t have any unnecessary extra parts.

10. Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider

The company you pick to host your website can greatly affect how fast it loads and how well it works.

Go for a dependable hosting company that has strong systems and responds quickly.

Think about using managed WordPress hosting services like Bluehost or Hostinger, which focus on creating the best setup for WordPress websites.

Advantages of Boost WordPress Website Speed

Better user experienceFaster loading makes users happier and more engaged.
Higher search rankingsSpeed affects rankings, and faster sites rank better.
More conversionsFaster sites lead to more sales and higher conversion rates.
Lower bounce ratesQuick websites keep visitors from leaving.
Improved mobile experienceFaster load times benefit mobile users with slower connections.
Better server performanceFast sites use fewer server resources and perform better overall.
Improved caching and content deliverySpeed optimization includes using caches and content delivery networks (CDNs) to enhance website performance.
More page viewsFaster sites encourage visitors to explore multiple pages.
Enhanced SEO performanceSpeed optimization follows SEO guidelines, improving overall SEO performance.
Competitive advantageA fast website gives you an advantage over competitors with slower sites.

Disadvantages of Boost WordPress Website Speed

HardnessMaking your website faster can be difficult and needs special knowledge and problem-solving.
Compatibility problemsSome ways to make your website faster might not work well with certain themes or plugins, so you need to test and solve problems carefully.
Takes timeIt will require time and effort to make your website faster, especially if it is big or complicated.
Risk of breakingIf you don’t do the speed improvements correctly, it could cause errors or problems with how your website works.
More maintenanceTo keep getting better performance, you will need to keep an eye on your website and do regular work to make it faster.
CostsSome ways to make your website faster might cost you extra money.
Fewer functionsSome ways to make your website faster might make it harder to use certain features or parts of your website.
Need help from othersTo make your website faster, you might need to depend on other companies or services to help you with things like content delivery networks.
Limited effect with slow hostingIf your website is on a slow server, even if you try to make it faster, it might still not work well.
Keep improvingAs technology changes, you will always need to keep working on making your website faster to make sure it works the best it can.

Follow these ten tips to make your boost WordPress website speed faster and better. It will help your website work quicker and perform better overall.

Keep in mind, a fast website not only makes users happy but also helps your website appear higher in search engine results. It’s important to be better than your competitors by always making your website faster.

Stay ahead in the competition by always improving and adjusting your website for speed. This will help your website load quickly and provide a good experience for users.

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