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7 Best Sources of Free Music Download Without Copyright for YouTube and Instagram


One of the reasons for deleting your post on YouTube and Instagram is the copyright of the music that you use in your content. There are bots that identify that your music and video are copyrighted, and thus, remove your content, making it challenging to find free music downloads.

If the music you use is removed several times due to copyright, there is an option that your page will be blocked. Therefore, you should look for free music downloads without copyright from the beginning so that you don’t have any problems. In the future, stay with to introduce free music download without copyright to your loved ones.

How to use copyrighted Music on YouTube?

There are some ways to become a YouTuber and be able to use music on your YouTube videos, including:

You can use royalty-free music to produce your videos. These types of music do not have copyright and the owner of the work has informed that there is no problem with the publication of his work.

The next thing you can do is use songs that the person who made them says you can share and put online. But you have to say who made the song. If you don’t do that, Instagram or YouTube will take down your video if the person who owns the song complains about it.

free music download

If your music is copyrighted, you can obtain its license from the website of Pixabay.

In addition to the mentioned items, you can use the free music sources without copyright for YouTube and Instagram that we will introduce below.

Sites for Free Music download without copyright

YouTube’s Audio Library and Facebook’s Sound Collection are the best free sources of copyright-free music that contain millions of songs that you can download and use easily. In the following, we will review these two sites and other sites.

Audio Library

Audio Library is actually a YouTube channel that has a lot of music and everyone can use the copyright-free songs of this channel for their content.

sound collection

With sound collection music, you can easily produce content on Instagram and use free music without copyright in your videos; Also, don’t face the copyright warning.


Mixkit site has a lot of music and it is one of the sources of downloading music without copyright. You can easily create content using the music on this site. One of the advantages of this site is that users do not need to register, and people without registration can download the song they want.


You can use this site to find your favorite music according to your video style and taste; since this site has a professional music search capability, if you like a piece of music, you can apply for a license from this site and download your music without copyright.


In order to produce content on YouTube, you need to go to this site and register to get a complete collection of songs. After registration, you can download free music without copyright. It should be mentioned that to use the music of this site, you must pay attention to some of the rules of the site and follow the law.


Using this site, users can download high-quality mp3 music without copyright for free. This site has 3 categories which include: theme, style, and mod.

These categories themselves have various categories for users so that people can easily find the music they want. Icons8 also has the feature that you can listen to the song before downloading it and if you like it, download it.


This site has the best music for producing your content on Instagram and YouTube, and because there is a filter among all the music, it publishes good music on the site.

free music download


In this article, we discussed where to find free music download without copyright for YouTube and Instagram that you can use without any copyright issues. We also talked about why copyright is important. The websites we mentioned will help you avoid copyright problems, so you won’t need to be concerned about it anymore. Now, you can use different types of music in your content without any worries.

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