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How to Fix iPhone Charging Port Not Working Problem (New Update 2023)

Is your iPhone charging port not working? Many of us may then think that the charging port needs to be replaced, but this is not necessary for all cases.

According to the Thinkwriteway technology blog in some cases, the iPhone charging port not working problem may be caused by some simple needs that do not require professional repair.

Charging seems like a simple task, but there are many parts involved in this process, and it’s not just the charging port that plays a role in this process. Any problems with the parts and mechanisms involved in this process can cause you to have an iPhone that won’t charge. The question is, what should you do whenever you plug in? We’ll cover that in this article.

Why does the iPhone not charge more than 80%?

First of all, you need to find out if your iPhone charging port not working charges up to 80% or more. If so, this is probably due to a feature introduced by Apple in iOS 13. This battery feature prevents the iPhone from charging when the conditions are not suitable.

iPhone charging port not working

For example, if the battery overheats during charging, the iPhone will automatically stop charging. As Apple advises, when your iPhone charging port not working, you should move it to a cooler location. When the battery cools down, the phone will start charging again.

Does your iPhone not charge or turn on?

If your iPhone’s charging port isn’t working, there are a few things you should do and follow some troubleshooting steps. To do this, do the following steps.

When the iPhone won’t charge, reset the phone

When you encounter any problem related to your iPhone, the first thing you should do is restart the phone. This also works when the iPhone charging port does not work. Restarting your iPhone fixes software issues that may be preventing the phone from charging. But if your iPhone is turned off or has a 0% charge, this may not be useful for you.

Inspect your iPhone charging port Not Working

If the iPhone charging port not working does not work after restarting, you need to check the port. Over time, dust and debris clog the charger port and prevent the cable from connecting properly to the pins. If you have a can of compressed air, attach it to the charging port for a short time and clear the debris.

iPhone charging port not working

Then use a soft and dry brush to clean the charging port of the iPhone. If you cannot insert the brush into the port, use a toothpick. No matter what you do, just be careful not to use a sharp metal object. After cleaning the iPhone’s charging port, plug it in and see if it charges.

Check the cable

iPhone charging port not working

With long-term use of an iPhone charging cable, the cable may be broken or worn. In such a situation, the charging cable may not be able to charge your iPhone. So instead of worrying about your iPhone’s charging port, replace the current charging cable if you see visible signs of damage.

Check if the charger adapter is good or not

Sometimes, it’s not the cable or the charger adapter that prevents your iPhone’s charging port from working. In some cases, the problem is with the iPhone charging port not working. Although this is uncommon, the charger adapter can fail if you’ve had it for a while. To check this issue, remove the charging cable from the charger adapter and connect it to another head.

iPhone charging port not working

If you don’t have an extra charger adaptor available for testing, just plug the charging cable into your laptop. If your phone is charged, you need to buy a new charging head.

Check for software updates

Although it may not seem like it, your iPhone’s charging port may not be working just because your phone isn’t on the latest version of iOS. Software updates are very important for the normal functioning of your phone. So, make sure your iPhone has the latest version of iOS.

iPhone charging port not working

To check for software updates on your iPhone, go to Settings, tap General, tap Software Update, and then check for an update. If there’s an update accessible for your iPhone, make sure to download it and proceed with the installation. After installing the update, check if the phone is charging or not.

Check if the wireless charging function is working properly

Have you gone through all the steps above and still can’t charge your iPhone? In this case, you need to see if the iPhone charging port not working wireless charging works. Simply place your phone in any compatible wall-mounted wireless charging station.

iPhone charging port not working

If the iPhone won’t charge even with wireless charging, the charging board may be damaged, and the phone needs repair at this point.

Restore the iPhone to factory settings

When you’re having trouble with your iPhone and nothing seems to work, a factory reset can help. By resetting the phone, you put it back to its default settings. This may fix whatever may be causing the problem. This is a last-ditch effort to fix the iPhone charging port not working. If that doesn’t work, you should show your phone to a repairman.


if your iPhone charging port is not working, there are several steps you can take before considering a replacement. First, check if your phone charges up to 80%, as this might be due to a built-in feature in iOS 13. Make sure your phone is in a cooler location if it stops charging due to overheating. Try restarting your iPhone to resolve software issues.

Inspect the charging port for dust and remains, clean it carefully, and check your charging cable for damage. If the problem persists, test with a different charger adopter or connect to a laptop. Ensure your iPhone is running the latest iOS version, as software updates can affect charging. If all else fails, try wireless charging, and if that doesn’t work, a factory reset may be your last option. If none of these step’s work, consult a professional repair service.

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iphone Charging Port Not Working

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