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Which is the best cloud space? Introducing the top 20 spaces of 2023

Addressing the topic of the best cloud space is not an easy task. Because almost all famous cloud spaces in the world follow the same technology and standards.

So, it is only a discussion about the initial free volume, prices, etc., which can make a difference. Stay with Thinkwriteway Technology blog:

Technologies are progressing together. For example, for an analog camera with a limited number of films, which sometimes burned several of them, the same paper albums were enough.

But what about the photos of the cameras that always accompany mobile phones? Photos that sometimes have a relatively high volume and new photos can be added to them every second.

For example, when we have just had a baby and we have recorded thousands of photos from moment to moment of growth and development we don’t want to delete even one of those photos.

Maybe using ways such as printing mobile photos or transferring them to a flash drive, computer or external hard drive are good ways. But the issue of security still remains…!

Just like old photos may be destroyed due to fire or getting wet. Today’s photos are also associated with the risk of virus attack or flash loss, etc.

So, what is the solution? It can be argued that using cloud storage is the most reliable solution.

What is cloud space?

A cloud space is created by connecting several powerful servers together. Of course, this is only the appearance of the story. Because in fact, the cloud space is a collection of different hardware and software.

It can be said that the goal of creating a cloud space is that every person, in any geographical location and with any budget, can access a powerful processing space.

Affordable prices, the ability to connect with any device, high security, speed, productivity, flexibility, scalability, and environmental protection are the most important features of the cloud space.

What is cloud storage?

In fact, by activating a cloud storage space, your files and images are backed up and this information is stored in a place outside of your mobile or computer.

So, by using cloud storage space, there is no need to store information on your personal flash drive, computer, or mobile phone.

To get unlimited storage space, trust a cloud service provider and entrust your data to them over the Internet. Their place is safer there.

Whenever you need that information, just connect to the Internet, view it, manipulate it, or send it to others.

It doesn’t matter what device or where we are in this world. The cloud space looks at everyone with the same eye and provides an equal space to everyone at low prices.

What are the advantages of cloud space?

The characteristics of the cloud space are similar to the ones we have mentioned in the cloud computing article. We shall examine a few of them in the sections that follow:


The most important feature of a cloud space is its security. You can rest assured that your archive files will not be deleted, lost, or hacked.

Because several servers take care of your information at the same time, and with regular backups and encryptions, no harm will come to your information. Unless you want to!

Affordable price:

Sometimes the price difference between two similar phones, but with two amounts of storage space, is sky-high. These space prices sometimes also apply to hard drives and flash drives.

Meanwhile, cloud storage can be used at low prices and even for free, using multiple emails.


The amount of storage space of a flash or external hard drive is known. Whether we use all its volume or half of it remains empty forever, we have to pay for it in full.

But in the cloud space, we can pay exactly according to our consumption. And if you need more space, you can instantly increase it.


But access. In Google search terms such as the best cloud space for Android or the best cloud space for iPhone are seen a lot.

It is true that a specific program is created for an operating system. But the nature of cloud computing and the nature of cloud space is something else.

Access means it doesn’t matter from where the user connects to his cloud space and with what device and operating system. In fact, access should be the same for everyone and it is.


It doesn’t matter which device you connected to the Internet and made changes to your files. These changes have been applied to every device.

Like when you make a post on Instagram with your mobile phone and edit it on your desktop the next day.

Which is the best cloud space?

In this section, some of the famous and most popular cloud storage spaces in the world are mentioned. This list is written randomly and in no particular order.

The important thing is that most of the features mentioned for each of these platforms can be shared among all of them.

best cloud space

Amazon Cloud Drive

Free storage space: 5 GB

Being the first, 3 months of free space, high security, file preview, online streaming of audio and videos, the possibility of foldering, sharing, etc. This platform has some features.


Free storage space: 2 GB

This old and experienced service is highly compatible with all operating systems. The ability to work with specified horoscopes offline, even on an airplane, makes Dropbox very attractive.


Free storage space: 5 GB

Unlimited backups, instant synchronization, 256-bit encryption, the ability to recover deleted files up to 1 month, and the ability to access with any device are among the features of this famous platform.

Google Drive

Free storage space: 15 GB

Being user-friendly and reliable is one of the most important features of Google Drive. This platform is well-compatible with other Google features. It is possible to edit and share files.


Free storage space: 5 GB

This Microsoft product is very powerful both alone and together with other products of this company. Offline access, SSL encryption, sharing, etc. are important features.


Free storage space: 5 GB

This service belongs to Apple and has been operating since 2011. An Apple device is required for initial registration. But after that, it syncs well with all devices.


Free storage space: 5 GB

The power of providing cloud tools for managing data and users, storing, backing up, sharing, and synchronizing files is one of its features.


Free storage space: 10 GB

Internxt encrypts all uploaded files. Also, the provision of open source and verifiable services by GitHub and the possibility of limiting the number of sharing times are other features.


Free storage space: 5 GB SyncSync

Information encryption, sharing, high security, file preview, synchronization, automatic camera upload, offline access, etc. are among the most important features of this platform.


Free storage space: 10 GB

This platform has the possibility of synchronizing with social networks, content management systems, etc. Also, this system is encrypted through TLS/SSL.

In addition to monthly and annual plans, PayCloud also offers a lifetime plan for $175 for 500GB and $350 for 2TB.


Free storage: Limited time

Automatic backup, Briefcase, 14-day free trial period, two-step authentication, etc. are among the most important features of this platform.


Free storage: Limited time

The possibility of a free 15-day trial, support by Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server, and Oracle Server, etc. are also among the features of IBackup.


Free storage space: 20 GB

Mega is very popular. The ability to drag and drop files, easy user interface, data encryption, etc. fuel this popularity.


Free storage space: 10 GB

Business and personal accounts are very safe in their place. The box is highly compatible with all operating systems. It is also highly compatible with software such as AutoCAD.


Free storage space: 10 GB

This platform has high security and efficiency. You will also be able to upgrade your free storage space up to 50 GB by inviting your friends.


Free storage: Limited time

The artificial intelligence used in this platform has multiplied its management power. Synchronization, high security, support for any operating system, etc. are among its most important features.


Free storage: Limited time

This tool is very useful for facilitating collaboration among people in an organization. Nextcloud is an open-source tool and is available through a web browser or a mobile or desktop application.


Free storage space: 10 GB

This new environment has the same functionality as a regular computer hard disk. High security, GDPR compliance, Twofish algorithm encryption, etc. are among its important features.


Free storage: Limited time

An excellent option for keeping personal files with very high security, no limit for file size, the possibility of recovering deleted files, etc.


Free storage: Limited time

This space is also new and at the same time expensive. Because it uses a knowledge policy for its employees. Therefore, it is safe and at the same time has countless possibilities.

best cloud space


choosing the best cloud space depends on your needs and preferences. All the top cloud storage options in 2023 offer similar technology and standards. What sets them apart are factors like initial free storage, prices, and features. Cloud storage provides a secure, flexible, and affordable solution for storing and accessing your data, ensuring it’s safe from physical damage or loss.

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