Types of SEO

What Are the Types of SEO? – A Comprehensive Guide to Their Purpose and Function [Updated 2023]

Making a website better for search engines, also known as SEO, is a difficult job with various kinds of tasks. All these tasks have one main purpose, and that’s to appear higher in search engine results. In this article, we will look at different types of SEO and talk about how they help make websites perform better in search engines.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to make a website better for search engines and users. When we optimize a website using SEO, its pages will appear higher in search results, and more people will visit the website as a result.

Types of SEO

Why is SEO important for businesses?

Using SEO is very important and necessary for businesses. SEO helps make a website more visible in search engines. When a website is more visible, more people visit it, which creates more chances for a business to turn interested visitors into customers.

SEO is a helpful tool. It can make more people know about a brand, talk to people who are interested in it, and find potential customers. It also helps a business be trusted and seen as reliable. So, it’s crucial to use different types of SEO to do well in the digital world.

What are the types of SEO?

In the past, making websites better was easy, but now it’s getting harder. When you improve a website, there are lots of rules to follow. You must make Google and other search engines happy, and also help the people who visit your site.

To make this process easier to manage, SEO experts have divided it into different parts. Each type of SEO includes some rules and they make it easier for people to follow all the rules and regulations. It is important to know that the different types of SEO are not actually separate processes, and this categorization is only a way to simplify a complex process for better management.

SEO has different types, which are listed below.

Types of SEOFunction
ON-Page SEOMaking website pages better so they show up higher on the search results page.
Off-Page SEOMaking the website better outside, so it shows up higher on the search page.
Technical SEOMaking websites better for search engines so they can easily find and understand the website pages.
Local SEOMaking the website better so more people in specific places can see it easily.
Content SEOMaking website content better using special words (SEO keywords) to get web pages higher up in search engines.
Mobile SEOMaking websites better for people who use mobile phones, so that web pages appear higher in search engines.
eCommerce SEOMaking online shops better so more people can find them easily on the internet.
International SEOMaking websites better for people in different countries who speak different languages.
Black- Hat SEOUsing search engine tricks to get higher rankings.
White-Hat SEOMaking your website better and following the rules of search engines.
Gray-Hat SEOMaking a website better using methods that follow rules that search engines don’t fully explain.
Negative SEOTrying to lower the number of other websites in search engines and take their spot.

Out of these, three types of SEO are important: internal SEO, external SEO, and technical SEO. They are connected and shown in a picture like this: a diagram.

Types of SEO

Internal SEO

“Internal SEO” (On-Page SEO) means making your web pages better for people who visit them and helping search engines understand what your pages are about. This way, more people can find and use your website easily.

In this kind of SEO, we make some changes to web pages to make them better for search engines and people who visit the website. It’s important to know that each page on the website is ranked by search engines on its own. So, when we do internal SEO, we need to make sure that all pages on the website are optimized well. This will help the website show up more easily in search engines and be seen by more people.

Internal SEO has important activities and rules. Here are some of them:

Optimizing the page title: The page title is super important for SEO. It’s the name of the page that shows up for search engines. Its job is to get people’s attention and make them want to click on the page link. Also, search engine bots look at the page title to figure out what the page is about.

Optimization of subtitles: To make a page easy to read and understand, besides the main title, it’s good to have smaller titles and different sections. These smaller titles are called subheadings. Subheadings help users when they read a lot of information, and they also help search engines understand what the page is about.

Images: Make sure to make the pictures on each page better. If you don’t, search engines won’t see what’s in them. In this part of SEO, we do things like giving images good names, choosing the right sizes, and making sure the “Image Alt Text” is done well.

Improving the appearance of the page: When you put a page on the internet with words and pictures, and you don’t try to make it look nice for people, it can make the website less popular. Even though Google can’t see pages as we do, their computer programs (bots) can figure out how the page is set up and find ads and pop-ups. These things are considered when deciding how important the page is and where it shows up in search results.

External SEO

” External SEO ” (Off-Page SEO) is about promoting and introducing your website on the Internet. Unlike other types of SEO that work on improving your website itself, Off-Page SEO uses different methods to introduce and promote your pages on other websites. This is because well-known and popular websites tend to get higher rankings on Google.

Here are some very important things to do for external SEO:

Link building: Link building includes getting links from other websites. These links are like votes of confidence for your website and make it more reliable and credible.

Brand promotion and introduction: Google likes famous brands more and puts them higher in search results. That’s because people trust those brands. So, besides promoting the website to get links, we should also use other ways to make the brand popular. We can do this by getting people to talk about the brand on social media and forums. Google notices this and rewards websites that have more people talking about them.

Types of SEO

Technical SEO

“Technical SEO” Technical SEO is about looking at and fixing the technical stuff that affects how a website appears in search engines. The main goal of technical SEO is to make sure that search engines can easily find and understand web pages.

These are some very important rules for technical SEO. They can help make your website better from a technical point of view. You should follow these things to improve your website.

  • Make sure search engines can see your website by checking and improving the robots.txt file.
  • Add your website to Google Search Console, verify it, and choose your domain.
  • Create a special XML sitemap and share it with the main search engines.
  • Improve your website’s structure and URL. Design your website to be SEO-friendly.
  • Build your website so that it loads fast on desktop and mobile devices.

Local SEO

“Local SEO” is a special part of SEO for local businesses. If you have a website and a store that wants to bring in customers and make them, come to your nearby shop, you need to use local SEO techniques to make your website better.

In local SEO, we need to follow all the usual SEO rules, and also pay attention to some extra things. These extra things are important for local SEO.

  • Make sure to put your business name, address, and contact info on all pages of your website.
  • Also, add the “Local Business” schema to your website’s main page.
  • Create a “Google My Business” account for your business.
  • Register your business on local listing websites like Yelp, Foursquare, and others.
  • Lastly, promote your website in local business directories and local online newspapers.

Content SEO

“Content SEO” is like a special part of SEO inside a website. It helps to make the content better so that it shows up higher in search engines.

Content is really important for SEO. SEO talks about it a lot. So, there are rules for making good SEO content in different SEO areas, like internal SEO. When you share great and high-quality content, it makes people and search engines happy. This helps your web pages become more popular and rank higher.

To produce high-quality content, the following rules can be considered.

  • To start creating your content, first, do some research to find important and commonly used words for your website. Use these words in different parts of your content.
  • When choosing keywords for SEO, look for longer phrases that have less competition. Use these phrases in your titles, sub-titles, and main text.
  • Aim to create detailed, lengthy, and helpful content on your website. This way, you can answer all the questions that users might have, and search engines will better understand what your content is about.
  • Include links to trustworthy websites that are experts in related fields. Also, add links to other pages on your website, so users can learn more about your content.
  • Use Schema Markup and structured data to highlight important parts of your content for search engines to see.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is a part of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website for mobile devices and their users.

The numbers say that over 60% of people use their mobile phones to search on Google. This is a big number and tells us that many people are now using mobiles instead of old desktop computers.

That’s why Google made the “Mobile-First Indexing” algorithm. This means they look at the mobile version of websites first, before the desktop version.

To optimize the website on mobile devices, you must follow the following points.

  • Your website needs to work well on mobile phones and be called “Mobile Friendly”. To check if it works well on mobile, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • The mobile website should load quickly.
  • The mobile version of the website must be user-friendly and easy to navigate on smartphones.
  • Avoid things like banner ads or annoying pop-ups that might make it hard for people using your website on their mobile phones.
Types of SEO

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce is a big industry. “E-commerce SEO” means making e-commerce websites better for search engines. It’s harder to do than for other websites like blogs because e-commerce websites have lots of pages and are tougher to promote.

The following are the most important e-commerce SEO criteria.

  • First, make your online store better by improving the home page and product categories page. Before you work on your product pages, make sure these two pages are fully improved.
  • Next, make your product pages better by using the keywords you found in your research.
  • Make all the pictures and videos on your store look nice.
  • Put special information about your products or offers on the pages.
  • Tell people about your online store on social media.
  • Find fun ways to connect with your audience and product pages.
  • Make a blog and write about your products. Show users how your products can solve their problems and help them.

International SEO

International SEO means making your website better so that people from other countries can easily find it when they search on the internet. This kind of SEO tries to reach out to people in different parts of the world who speak different languages. The goal is to make them feel comfortable by showing the website in their own language and to give them a good experience when they visit it.

If you want to do well in international SEO, you should make your website work well for the people in the countries you want to reach. This means understanding their culture and letting them use their own language and currency to communicate and make purchases. It also involves making sure your website displays dates, times, and content in ways that match the standards of each country.

Black hat SEO

“Black-Hat SEO” means using Google’s weaknesses to make a website rank higher on the search results page. The name comes from old Western movies, where the bad person wore a black hat and the good person wore a white hat.

Black hat SEO has some common methods. Here are some of them.

  • Buying backlinks and manipulating links
  • Overuse of keywords
  • Using hidden text on pages
  • Using the “Cloaking” technique

Some ways to cheat and improve website rankings may work fast but they can harm the website. If Google finds out that cheating ways are used to rank higher in search results, it will punish the website by drastically lowering its rank and credibility, and won’t include it in search results. That’s why it’s better to avoid cheating and follow honest ways called white hat SEO to get better rankings.

White hat SEO

White-Hat SEO means using SEO principles in the right and fair way, following the rules of search engines. When you do this, it helps your website get a better ranking on search engines, and it’s all done in a correct, fair, and legal manner.

White hat SEO is a good way to make a successful website. This article talks about many white hat SEO methods, and here are the most important ones.

  • Using meta tags with keywords
  • Generating quality content for website visitors
  • Improving the design and usability of the website for the audience and search engines

Gray Hat SEO

Gray-Hat SEO is a kind of SEO that’s riskier than white-hat SEO but not as bad as black-hat SEO. With gray hat SEO, people use methods to improve a website’s ranking that are not completely allowed by Google’s rules. The good part is, Google doesn’t punish you for using these methods, but it’s still not the safest way to go.

In gray hat SEO, some content is created that doesn’t follow all the good rules like white hat SEO, but Google hasn’t made any strict rules against it yet. Here are some common methods used in gray hat SEO:

  • Commenting on other blogs with a website link to build backlinks
  • Link building from low-quality websites to improve domain authority

It’s good to know about gray hat SEO methods because they can help a website rank higher on search engines without causing problems. But even though using gray hat SEO methods is not forbidden, it’s better not to use them to optimize your website. These methods keep changing and might turn into either good or bad ways in the future.

If Google thinks your website is dishonest, it can cause problems for your website and business. So, if you’re not sure if a method follows Google’s rules, don’t use it. Marketers should know the risks and benefits of each method and decide carefully. But because Google’s rules are getting stricter, it’s best to only use honest and good methods to make your website better.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is when some people use unfair tricks to harm their competitors’ websites and make their own website rank higher on search engines. They want to make other websites rank lower so that their website looks better and shows up above the competitors’ websites in search results.

Negative SEO means using mean and unfair ways, like going into competitors’ websites and making lots of bad links to harm them, or writing mean comments about their business in online places called “Forums”.

Using bad SEO methods can lead to troubles like getting fined by Google and other search engines, or even legal problems. So, it’s best to stay away from these bad and unfair SEO methods to make your website better. Instead, use good and honest methods that follow the rules to make your website rank higher.


In conclusion, this article explains the different types of SEO and how they can help improve websites in search engines. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, aims to make websites more visible in search results and attract more visitors. Using SEO is essential for businesses because it can lead to increased visibility, more customers, and improved constancy.

Frequently asked questions about types of SEO

In the previous sections, we discussed different types of SEO and how they help make websites better for people and search engines. Now, we will give simple answers to common questions that users often ask about these types of SEO.

Can we use SEO without getting help from others?

Yes, there are lots of helpful sources to learn about SEO basics and how to make your website better so it shows up higher in search results.

What are the most important types of SEO?

We can say that there are three important types of SEO: internal SEO, external SEO, and technical SEO.

Which types of SEO are dangerous to use?

Using unethical and deceiving methods to increase the ranking of web pages in search engines can lead to the website being penalized by Google. These ways are known as black hat SEO and negative SEO.

If you find additional information, please refer to this article What Are the Types of SEO? – A Comprehensive Guide to Their Purpose and Function.Hostinger

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